The seaside and beaches

Saint Quay Portrieux beaches

At the foot of the campsite, a little cove called La Grève de Fonteny provides direct access to the sea.
For those who prefer sandy beaches, the closest one is Plage du Casino just 800 metres from the site. It is accessible via Boulevard du Littoral or the customs officers’ path, Sentier des Douaniers (GR34).
The resort’s other beaches: Plages du Chatelet, de la Comtesse, du Portrieux, La Grève de l’Isnain and La Grève Noire.

The customs officers’ path, Sentier des Douaniers GR 34

The campsite offers direct access to the footpath, an ideal opportunity to discover the wild, jagged coastline. You can take a walk and admire exceptional panoramic views of the islands, visible to varying degrees according to the tides, or stop at one of the many beaches along the path.

Shellfish and crustaceans

Fishing is a key activity in the local area. The spring tides that occur during the summer season will give you a chance to see marine animal and plant life that is normally hidden underwater. All visitors can go pole-and-line fishing or shellfish gathering on the sandy and rocky sea beds.